Your tour director and humble servant, Glen, during a good day at the office. I'm probably saying, "I love you all so much, and as soon as I find out who is on the other end of this walkie talkie I'm going to kill them."

About Us

I used to have a real job.


But for the past 19 years I've been putting on fun bicycle rides. (Even loading bicycles into a truck at 2 a.m. is more fun than sitting in a cubicle cold-calling people who really do not want to talk to me!)

We're cyclists just like you, and we create the kind of rides that we enjoy and then share them.

That means that we like too much food, great scenery, plenty of support, and fun people who don't take themselves too seriously.

Questions? Comments? Always glad to hear from you! Just drop a note here:

PS -- Hey Glen, how come your phone number isn't here?

That's easy! Because when we used to list it, I would get a lot of phone calls at 1 a.m. from people who wanted to know which brand of bicycle tire I thought was best. If you really want to chat on the phone just send me an email with your phone number and I'll be happy to reach out during sane hours!