Buy a Bike and Ride for Free!

If you buy a new bike (or anything else) at a participating bike shop for $1,500 or more we'll give you your choice:

* A free pass to the North Fork ride.

* A free pass to the August 5th Farm Ride.

* A free pass to I PEDAL NYC.

* $100 off of Miami to Key West or Bike Bali. (You didn't really think we weresending you to Miami or Bali for free did you? I mean, we're generous but not THAT generous!)

Why the $1,500 minimum at the bike shop?  Because we had to draw the line somewhere! By the way, we don’t get any of that $1,500, and the bike shops don’t have to pay to be part of this deal.

You get free ride registration AND free optional transportation (where applicable) if you want it.

You can not get a refund for a ride for which you have already registered.

For multi-day rides we’ll subtract $100 from your tab.  (We're generous but not insane!)


The incredibly unfair rules below were created by me, not your local bike shop, so please don’t harangue the shop staff about them!  

Here’s how to get your free ride.  

This is all MUCH easier than it sounds -- don't freak out on me man! -- but please read the info here carefully before you buy.

1.  Spend at least $1,500 in a participating local bike shop between April 15, 2022 and September 1, 2022. The purchase must be made by ONE person in ONE day in ONE shop. Spending $3,000 does not get you two free passes! That $1,500 purchase can be for anything -- a new bike, accessories, labor, clothing, gift certificate...

Note that if you buy a bike that usually costs $1,500 and you got it on sale for $1,100, you have NOT spent $1,500 yet.  You go right back there and buy more stuff!

What’s a “participating local bike shop”?  It’s any shop that has our poster hanging up.  (Sneaky, eh?)  

The posters just went out in the mail. If you spot the poster at your favorite shop please let us know so we can spread the word.

If your favorite shop doesn’t have a poster drop us a note here before you buy and we’ll do our best to convince the shop’s crew of the error of their ways. (“Nice shop you have here... it would be a shame if anything were to happen to it...”) Having said that, we can't make them hang up a poster!

2.  Get a receipt.  It must CLEARLY show (so we can read it!)

Your first and last name.

The date of purchase.

An itemized description of what you bought.  


Paid In Full -- $1,500.


(1) Acme XL500 Bike -- $1,470

(1) Acme F42 helmet -- $30

The shop's name, address, and phone number.

Your receipt must show ALL of that stuff to get your free ride.

3.  Take a photo of our poster hanging up in the bike shop. The photo doesn’t have to be a work of art -- a cell phone picture is fine -- but we do need to see that the poster is hanging up in the shop.

4. Send us the following items:

•  Your receipt with all the info requested above.  A cell phone picture of the receipt is fine if we can read it. We can not return paperwork to you, so if you want your receipt for your records be sure to send us a photocopy and keep the original for yourself.

Feel free to black out any personal info on the receipt you don’t want us to see, such as credit card numbers, but we are honest.


•  Your photo of the poster hanging up in the shop where you bought your stuff.

The name of the ride that you want to do.

Send everything to us by email, text message, or U.S. mail -- your choice:






U.S. Mail:

Free Ride


230 Smith Hughes Road

Narrowsburg, NY  12764

If you’re sending in your info by U.S. mail, don’t forget to write your email address BIG AND CLEAR so we can read it.  If we can’t read it, we can’t get your free ride pass to you.  (Trust me -- for some of you, your handwriting is not nearly as clear as you think it is, so please be careful here!)

No paperwork will be accepted after September 1, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.  It’s up to you to make sure the paperwork reaches us in time.  (So if the post office screws up...)  

If your paperwork checks out (and really... why wouldn’t it?) we'll email you simple info on how to register for the ride of your choice for free, free, free. If it doesn't check out we'll tell you why so you can fix it if you wish.  Any discrepancies will be ruled on by me, and will probably be unfair. Not sure if your big purchase will qualify?  Feel free to email me BEFORE you buy.


1. You get ONE free ride -- congratulations!  (We get the occasional email -- does this mean that I get to do ALL the rides for free?  Um... No...)

2. If you’re reading this, the Buy a Bike and Ride Free promotion is ON -- enjoy your free ride!  

BUT... what if we are overwhelmed by requests for free rides?  We reserve the right to cry “uncle” and shut down the promotion early.  Of course we’ll honor all purchases and free ride passes up until the day we stop the promo.  If we stop this promo early we’ll announce it right here, loud and clear.  We don’t expect any problems -- we’re covering our bets here just in case.  ("Congratulations!  We have 3 million people who want free rides!")

3. You can not get a refund for a ride that has already taken place or for which you are already registered.

OK? OK!